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My name is Dean Cline ( 10 years old ) and my sister is Maddie ( 7 years old ) along with my father started helping others find this very special apple.

It is a funny story, we started this as a project after we found out a family member in New York, my great Uncle Paul, had purchased and sent my great Aunt Mary Beth, in California, who had spider problems, her first case of Hedge Apples. After hearing how well it worked and knowing we had tons of these Hedge Apples on our property in Texas we put it all together and here we are.
Aunt Mary Beth uses them in her window ledge, in the corners and in closets.

“I dont know how they work, but I had tons os spiders and now I don’t,” – Aunt Mary

We take 50% of the profit and put it into savings for our College, we take 20% and give it to our church and missions we support, and my Dad lets Maddie and me have the other 30% for games and dolls and other cool things………..

You can call my Dad’s cell phone for any quantity, and we are happy to help you out with Hedge Apples 972-800-6670
12 Hedge-apples $29.95 :: plus SHIPPING   ORDER

24 Hedge-apples $54.99 :: plus SHIPPING  ORDER

48 Hedge-apples $99.99 :: plus SHIPPING ORDER

hedge Apples are also known as:

Osage Apples Osage Apples
Osage Oranges
Bodare US
Bodark Apples keep cochroaches away Bodeck
Bois d’arc (Fr. Bow Wood)
Geelhout Hedge
Hedge Apple
Horse Apple
Hedge apples are natural spider control May Apples
Mock Orange
monkey balls keep away spiders Monkey Ball
hedge apple Monkey Brain
Naranjo Chino
Osage Bow Tree
Osage Apple Tree
Wild Orange
hedge apples are natural pest control Yellow-Wood

Hedge apples

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